Entertainment Power

Many overlooked, talented artists mistakenly believe it is the commercial aspect that blocks their talent from getting recognized. Admittedly, to some degree, that is the case, but that can be worked around. The much bigger problem is that the decision of who makes it and who does not rests in the hands of a few powerful elite. If that decision were shifted to the marketplace, many, many talented artists who believe the commercial marketplace blocks their development would suddenly find themselves in demand!

Neothink Art shifts the power from an elite-few power brokers to the marketplace, thus back to the artist. Grassroots Charts in Neothink Superpuzzle demonstrates that shift from the power brokers to the artist. Indeed, if talented, overlooked artists had direct access to the marketplace, they would have the power to develop their skills as they made their art more and more desirable to the public.

A direct example are the Neothink Manuscripts. No major publisher would dare touch Neothink literature, rendering my society powerless if I let the major publishers decide what the public reads. But, I went directly to the marketplace — the selected chosen ones — with my unlikely writings. That gave me the power to increase the value of my writings and, subsequently, reach the right people without compromising the Neothink concepts.

This is where Neothink Art begins, right here with you. When you are in the Neothink Network, opportunities often open up for artists. A synergy seems to form when Neothink Artists come together. If you are a talented artist, tell others about it here. Connections, contacts happen this way.